Inotec pumping technology

Inotec mixing and pumping technology for big bags and bagged goods. For job sites where e.g. NEODUR HE 65, NEODUR HE 60 rapid or NODUR Level shall be processed in a short amount of time, the inoCOMB Cabrio mixing and pumping technology offers the ideal solution. The powerful 400 V continuous mixer and the proven delivery pump, present a machine technology that ensures smooth operation on the construction site.

The inoCOMB Cabrio Mixing and pumping technology
•    allows delivery distances from 40 to 60 m
•    delivery height up to 25 m
•    pumping rate approx. 50 l/minute
•    volumetric capacity 200 l

•    can be used for all pumpable, powdery, ready-mixed mortar
•    powerful 400 V machine technology
•    high delivery rate
•    continuously variable speed control
•    easy to operate
•    easy to clean thanks to PU-mixing pipe

The current information sheet Merkblatt Miet-Maschinentechnik inoCOMB Cabrio applies.

The following product qualities can be processed with the inoCOMB Cabrio: