Rapid Set Technology

The Rapid Set® Technology is based on the high performance, innovative, fast and non-shrink hydraulic cement “Rapid Set® Cement”. The special cement receives its unique character by advanced and precise manufacturing techniques. Rapid Set® Cement is not a Portland cement. No chlorides or accelerators are added.

Reaction Process: Comparison between Portland cement and Rapid Set® Cement

The chemical reaction process of conventional Portland cement in comparison to Rapid Set® Cement differs significantly. Rapid Set® Cement with a w/c ratio = 0,45 binds the added water 100 % chemically.

Unique Performance of Rapid Set®

The graphic shows the clearly improved high early strength development of a Rapid Set®  based system, specially in comparison to conventional Portland cements (CEM I) and modified Portland cements (accelerated). Already 1 hour after final set a compressive strength of > 20,0 N/mm² is definitely achieved.

The graphic shows the typical shrinkage process of conventional binders (CEM I and mod. CEM I) in comparison to the Rapid Set® Technology. In the U.S. the limit value for non-shrinkage ranges at < 0,05 % (US Army Corps of Engineers Shrinkage Limit). This is definitely achieved with the Rapid Set® Technology.