Polished Decorative Floor

GRANIDUR® - polished decorative floor in granite optics

The polished decorative screed of KORODUR is known as GRANIDUR decorative floor. The final granite resp. terrazzo structure of a GRANIDUR floor can range from matt to glossy, according to the request and creativity of the builder-owner and planner.

In Cologne, for example, since Christmas 2013, subway passengers walk and wait on a unique wear resistant GRANIDUR decorative floor in the totally reconstructed subway station Heumarkt in the South of Cologne’s main station. The other subway stations of the North-South line will be modernized accordingly during the coming years.

Near Helsinki, Finland, in the headquarters of the most important Finnish insurance trust Tapiola, already a couple of years ago, a breathtakingly beautiful, high-gloss polished, cementitious, white GRANIDUR decorative floor was installed – viz. GRANIDUR BIANCO.

KORODUR decorative floors are based on the technical know how of decades of KORODUR’s expertise in industrial floors. Due to the cementitious-mineral composition, variants in colour and structure are not unusual, they finally give the floor the unique character, viz. the uniqueness of a smoothed decorative floor.



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GRANIDUR decorative screed

ProductsQualityLayer thicknessGrain size
GRANIDUR 05CT-C45-F615 – 25 mm0 – 5 mm
GRANIDUR 08CT-C35-F525 – 50 mm0 – 8 mm
GRANIDUR BIANCOCT-C45-F615 mm0 – 5 mm
GRANIDUR NEROCT-C45-F615 mm0 – 5 mm