Anchor / Injection System

Anchor mortars are used in the field of rock anchors in mining and tunnel construction. Rock anchors in tunnel construction serve for the anchoring of the tunnel internal leaf in the rock. After the drilling of the anchor hole the non-shrink anchor mortar in plastic consistency in pumped into the drill hole and the anchor bar put in place. The anchor is ready for stress as soon as the minimum strength values of the used mortar quality have been reached. In difficult, brittle rock condition alternatively self-drilling, so-called injection anchors with injection openings at the leave-in-place drill bit. Through the injection channel and these openings the anchor mortar is injected in place.

Anchor mortars are also used for building pits, for anchoring or rock nails and slope safety measures for anchoring in avalanche and rock fall blocking. Due to their high early strength, anchor mortars qualify perfectly for fast safety measures. Anchor mortars can problem-free be processed overhead and also qualify for stuffing works and are used as form parts in the brick industry.

NEODUR achor and injektion mortars

ProductsQualityGrain size
NEODUR AM SuperC 30/370 – 1 mm
NEODUR AM PlusC 40/500 – 1 mm