Sustainability – the basis
of entrepreneurship

Being a medium-sized family-owned enterprise, sustainability has always been a key issue at KORODUR. Sustainability and readiness for the future are no buzzwords but obligation and a matter of course.

All products undergo regular quality checks (external and internal quality controls) and are based on high quality raw material.

Entrepreneurial responsibility does not only refer to responsibility towards business but also towards society and environment. Being a family-owned enterprise with regional roots, KORODUR supports local projects and initiatives. In that respect, sports, education and culture are important areas.

Consistency, credibility and continuity. These three elements have been representing the guiding principle of KORODUR’s business conduct and operations for over 85 years now. It has been the only way to guarantee durability, efficiency and reliability.

Sustainable Construction

The use of high-quality KORODUR products increases the energy and resource efficiency and conserves natural resources. That is because a hard aggregate industrial floor has an outstanding durability. The service life of a hard aggregate industrial floor is many times longer than that of a pure concrete floor or alternative industrial flooring systems. In addition it is important to draw the attention to the total life cycle performance resp. the total life cycle costs of an industrial building.

“KORODUR floors stand for the highest
quality standards in the industry. Our customers
invest in the future of their business, because
quality remains – still when the purchase price
is long forgotten.”

Nikola Heckmann (KORODUR, Managing Director)

KORODUR International GmbH, Amberg site, is certified according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and is regularly audited by TÜV Süd –


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Einsparung 2019

KORODUR contributes to resource saving and greenhouse gas reduction.