Special Mortars

Around 2000 years ago Romans developed a mixture of broken stone, binding agent and water. Since then, mortars count among our most important building materials. Nowadays, the field of application of modern mortars keeps growing due to continuous progress in development.

KORODUR offers with its mineral factory-mixed dry mortars manifold solutions ensuring that building units or structures produced with these versatile special building materials have perfect optical appearance and long lasting durability. Particular importance is attached to the use of environmentally friendly processes and raw materials.


KORODUR special building materials combine the advantages of selected, natural, environmentally friendly raw materials with the advantages of controlled production in the factory. Factory-mixed dry mortars supplied in silo or bags on site only have to be mixed with water. Being natural materials, KORODUR’s special building materials meet all demands to present-day, economical, environmentally friendly and sound building. The aspect of sustainability has come to the focus of our daily life.

The properties of mineral KORODUR special building materials can be adapted to any demand by varying admixtures of binding agents and substances. Whatever maybe required, KORODUR’s product family of mineral mortars offers manifold special building materials:

  • assembly and prefabricated construction
  • mining and tunnel construction
  • bridge and road construction
  • concrete repair, concrete refurbishment, concrete cosmetics
  • channel and sewage construction
  • pavement construction
  • natural stone restoration

Always the right solution – KORODUR special building materials – reliable products for many decades.

Assembly and Grouting System

Assembly and Grouting System are ready to use, non-shrink and high-early strength grouting mortars for all kinds of grouting and assembly works.
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Anchor and Injection System

Anchor mortars are used in the field of rock anchors in mining and tunnel construction.
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Concrete Repair

Concrete repair refers to technologies for restoration or extension of durability of concrete structural parts and reinforced concrete.
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