Rapid concrete systems

Solutions for time-optimised repairs

For the time-optimised repair of infrastructure and industrial facilities, fast-setting concretes are increasingly being used to reduce downtime costs. The concrete floors are subject to the highest demands in terms of structural strength, durability and resistance to physical and chemical effects. Last but not least, the time factor also plays a decisive role in order to keep the construction measures as short as possible and to be able to use the surfaces again as quickly as possible.

With the rapid concrete systems of KORODUR we offer you a tailor-made, fast and durable solution for the renovation of concrete floor slabs. From the night-time renovation of a runway to the repair of concrete floors in production halls and warehouses, our products meet the most diverse requirements. We are happy to support you in the planning and determination of the concrete recipe up to the production of the concrete directly on the construction site.

KORODUR rapid concrete systems

System Rapid Set Concrete

The Rapid Set Concrete, which has been tried and tested in the USA for over 25 years, is now used worldwide for a wide range of infrastructure projects. Due to the very fast hardening of the concrete, repair measures can be carried out at times when traffic is reduced, e.g. at night. Rapid Set Concrete was tested in accordance with the hardened concrete tests “Technical delivery conditions for building materials and building material mixtures for the structural maintenance of traffic area pavements – concrete construction methods” (TL BEB-StB). The early strengths required according to TL BEB-StB (≥ 20 MPa after 5 hours) are already achieved after 2 hours.


KOROCRETE is a rapid concrete based on KORODUR FSCem, a cementitious, volume-stable rapid screed binder on ternary basis for the production of highly loadable, quickly usable and ready-to-lay concrete floors (strength classes C35/45 to C50/60 according to DIN EN 206). Due to the high early strength, use and release for traffic is possible only a few hours after laying the concrete. This means, for example, that the sometimes very high costs incurred in the event of breakdowns and downtimes of production and storage facilities can be minimised.


To give you an insight into the application and potential areas of use, also take a look at our selection of references that have been successfully implemented in recent years: