KORODUR - approved world-wide

Since 1936 KORODUR has been a specialist in the production of mineral hard aggregates for cementitious heavy-duty industrial floors. On international scale, more than 750 million square meters of KORODUR industrial floors have been installed. That is probably the best recommendation, showing that KORODUR has become the epitome of industrial floors.

KORODUR WESTPHAL HARTBETON GmbH & Co. KG has been founded by Werner Westphal in Berlin on February 13th, 1936. In 1969, ownership of the KORODUR group of companies was transferred to the Heckmann family. In 1978, KORODUR relocated its headquarters from Berlin to Amberg/Bavaria.

Since the end of the 90s, KORODUR has also gained ground on the new market of decorative fair-faced screeds on cementitious, mineral basis. Thanks to intensive research and the development of special dry mortars for the repair of drinking water facilities, which meet the most stringent quality requirements, KORODUR has diversified its portfolio and entered into another special industry segment. Production plants are in Bochum-Wattenscheid, Freihung/Bavaria and Hannover-Misburg. However, highlight of our diversification strategy was the decision at the end of the 90s to start production and distribution of bentonite cat litter: a completely new product line in a completely new branch of industry with completely new structures!

Since its foundation in 1936, KORODUR has been active abroad. The company founder has already maintained intensive business relationships to countries such as Italy, Israel, Brazil and South Africa. The KORODUR group is proud to continue such long-standing, successful and, above-all, trustful export relationships and to have even extended them actually, e. g. into the region of Southeast Asia in 1978. Together with KORODUR International GmbH, founded in 1976, KORODUR has set up an international distribution network with global reach. There are business relationships to companies in more than 40 countries nowadays.

In 1995, KORODUR ENGINEERING (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD. has been founded for the implementation of special projects in Southeast Asia. In this respect, particular attention has been devoted to three specific assignments KORODUR has accomplished in Singapore: Woodbridge Hospital Singapore, with the distribution of 65,000 sqm of Erlus clay roof tiles, Temasek Polytechnic Singapore with the installation of 44,000 sqm of patina-coated copper roof and Tuas Checkpoint at the border crossing between Singapore and Malaysia with the installation of 66,000 sqm of titanium zinc roof.

Consistency, credibility and continuity have been representing the guiding principle of KORODUR’s business conduct and operations for over 85 years now.