International Expert Advisors

KORODUR has been active abroad since it was founded in 1936. Even the company founder maintained intensive business relationships with countries such as Australia, Israel, Brazil and South Africa. The KORODUR Group was able to continue these long-standing, successful and, above all, trusting export relationships and actually expand them.

KORODUR has an international sales network and always works with local representatives, sales partners and processors who have the best technical expertise. All KORODUR products are always delivered from the plants in Germany. This is the only way KORODUR can guarantee its high and sustainable quality in products and technical advice worldwide.

Please contact our export department for advice and more information.

Daniel _May_HP
Daniel May
Regional Sales Manager Poland
+49 (0) 172 1480125
Francesco Palese
Regional Sales Manager Italy
+49 (0) 172 1480128
Mirko Schlicht
Key Account Manager International
+49 (0) 170 3733981
Alexander Pröls
Director of Export
+49 (0) 172 1480124