Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability have priority for KORODUR. All cat litter products are regularly analyzed and monitored by an independent test laboratory specializing in minerals. In cooperation with the production works and suppliers, KORODUR has defined its standards on quality and sustainability.

For years, the quality cat litters of KORODUR are supplied in eco-friendly paper packaging. The raw material (wood) comes from sustainable forestry (FSC-MIX).

The cat litter products from KORODUR consist of natural clay (bentonite), which is hauled in surface mining. The production of our lumping litters is located directly next to the pit. Thanks the short supply ways the environment is not unnecessarily stressed. After the exploration of the mine, the landscape is recultivated. Habitats are created and mixed forests are planted.

Only products which meet these strict demands may be supplied with KORODUR’s quality stamp.