Concrete repair

Concrete repair refers to technologies for restoration or extension of durability of concrete structural parts and reinforced concrete. The special features of concrete repair require a certain expertise and special material knowledge of planners and applicators.

By re-profiling and repair of concrete parts in civil engineering the static loadability of buildings shall be re-established inducing the preservation resp. restoration of passivity.

Defective and broken out spots in the concrete surface are re-profiled with concrete replacement systems – after adequate preparation of sub-base. The concrete replacement with pure mineral systems is carried out in spraying technique with shotcrete mortar or shotcrete concrete. Thus a better compaction of the material is achieved. With this application method usually no bonding compound is required.

Shotcrete mortars and shotcrete concretes are processed mechanically in wet-mix or dry-mix method. With the dry-mix method setting accelerators can be added to the mortar or concrete. Moreover, there are also shotcrete mortar variants available with microsilica additives (in the field of MICROTOP) or addition of hard aggregates for the repair of concrete areas, which are exposed to higher stress (e.g. in coal or other raw material bunkers, silos etc.).

Shotcrete mortars and shotcrete concretes are increasingly used for reinforcement, slope and building pit stabilization, in tunnel and mining construction as well as for new construction.

NEODUR concrete repair mortars

ProductsQualityGrain size
NEODUR MSM 3C 30/370 – 3 mm
NEODUR MSM 5C 30/370 – 5 mm
NEODUR MSB 8C 30/370 – 8 mm