Building Chemical Products


Our complementary system components have been specially developed for KORODUR industrial flooring systems in order to optimally complement the various phases of processing.


After-treatment / curing

KOROTEXapprox. 150 g/m²After-treatment agent on synthetic-resin basis for KORODUR screeds to avoid premature drying out.
KOROCUREapprox. 120 g/m²Temporary evaporation protection by curing of the base concrete.

Impregnation / first maintenance

KOROPOX2 working steps approx. 75-175 g/m² concentrate (comp. A + B)Water-emulsifiable, transparent, two-component epoxy-resin system (concentrate) for impregnation.
KOROMINERALapprox. 100-200 g/m²
(depending on absorbency)
Liquid, transparent impregnation on silicate basis with silicifying effect.
KOROMINERAL Li+approx. 40-100 g/m²
(depending on absorbency)
Liquid, transparent impregnation on hybrid lithium silicate with integrated stain protection.
KOROMINERAL Cureapprox. 60-100 ml/m²
(depending on absorbency)
Liquid, one-component, membrane-forming curing agent to prevent premature drying out in combination with a densification, as surface protection of cementitious concrete and industrial floors.
KOROCLEANmechanical procedure cleaning-polishing(system of MKS Funke Schleiftechnik)
Mechanical procedure to improve the optical properties, safety and skid-resistance of cementitious industrial floors (cleaning-polishing).
OBTEGO P-20approx. 20-30 m²/l polished floors

approx. 10-20 m²/l smoothed floors
(product of OBTEGO AG)
Primer for OBTEGO R-400 on acrylic co-polymer basis with excellent pore-filling property and water-repellent effect on polished and smoothed KORODUR design floors.
OBTEGO R-400approx. 40-50 m²/l polished floors

approx. 15-30 m²/l smoothed floors
(product of OBTEGO AG)
Special impregnation on silan/siloxan basis with excellent water- and oil-repellent effect on polished and smoothed KORODUR design floors.

Bonding compound / primer

KORODUR HB 5approx. 2 kg/m²Bonding compound for the permabond composite of cementitious screeds of all strength classes – including KORODUR or NEODUR screeds – on concrete. For installation fresh on set base concrete and for time-deferred installation technique.
KORODUR HB 5/60 rapidapprox. 2 kg/m²Fast-setting system bonding compound for the optimal bond of NEODUR HE 60 rapid on set concrete.
KORODUR PCapprox. 50-200 g/m²Liquid, solvent-free, one-component, water-thinnable synthetic resin dispersion.
KORODUR TXPKapprox. 400-500 g/m² depending on roughness of sub-baseEpoxy resin special primer, two-components, for self-leveling coatings, e.g. for TRU Self-Leveling and NEODUR Level as well as for priming of concrete and screed areas, where a later moisture exposure on the back has to be considered.

Building chemical special products (additives)

KOROTANdosage up to approx. 1-2 % referred to cement weightScreed plasticizer, special additive with stabilizing properties. Specially for KORODUR-KOROTAN industrial floors.