Set Control

Rapid Set SET CONTROL SET  is a high quality additive to slow down the setting time of Rapid Set repair mortars.

It is an additive used to extend the workability of Rapid Set products. This allows more time for the processing of the mix. The additive is ideal for processing at warmer weather or for large areas.

The use of Set Control is ideal for processing at warm weather or for large areas as it provides sufficient time for the installation and surface finish.

One packet contains 25 g.

At moderate temperature of + 20°C 1 packet is added per 25 kg bag. This will extend the working time by approx. 20 minutes. Up to 4 packets can be added per bag. Add only as much as required.

Set Control is added to the mix water before the Rapid Set material. This results in a better distribution in the mortar mix.

Set Control can be used in combination with other Rapid Set Concrete Pharmacy Products or other qualified additives.

Blending with other products may give unpredictable results and is not recommended.