Hard Aggregate Topping

Heavy-duty industrial floors, acc. to DIN 18560-7, consist of a defined wearing layer with mineral hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100. The result are industrial floors with above average good tensile and compressive strength values, very favorable wear resistance values ensuring constant sliding safety.

Hard aggregate screeds acc. to DIN EN 13 318 are hard aggregate screeds with an increased and defined resistance against wear.

Hard aggregate toppings are produced of hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100 in coating groups A, M and KS. The layer thickness depends on the expected stress and is defined in DIN 18560-7, table 6.

There are 2 methods to install hard aggregate layers: “fresh-on-fresh” on the still fresh base concrete or time-deferred in composite on set base concrete (KORODUR-KOROTAN system).

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