KORODUR Diamond Concrete

KORODUR Diamond Concrete is a hard aggregate acc. to DIN 1100 (coating group KS) for the porduction of cementitious hard aggregate screeds acc. to DIN 18560-7 and DIN EN 13813 as well as for the production of industrial floors in dry-shake procedure acc. to DIN 18560-3.

KORODUR Diamond Concrete is mixed with cement and optionally with the additive KOROTAN.

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KORODUR Diamond Concrete – hard aggregate acc. to DIN 1100 – KS 0/4. KORODUR Diamond Concrete – hard aggregate produced from electrocorundum and silicon carbide. Highest grade aggregates for surfaces subject to the most severe stress together with optimum anti-skid property and the highest wear resistance.

For use hard aggregate concrete screeds acc. to DIN 18560 – ZE 65 KS-F. Specially suitable in areas where an extremely high degree of skid and wear resistance is required, specially when subjected to sliding stress.

Technical date
Grain size0 – 4 mm
Compressive strength70 N/mm²
Tensile strength10 N/mm²
Wear resistance≤ 1,5 cm³/50 cm²

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