KORODUR WH-Special is a mineral hard aggregate acc. to DIN 1100 (coating group A) for the production of cementitious hard aggregate screeds acc. to DIN 18560-7 and DIN EN 13813 as well as for the production of industrial floors in dry-shake procedure acc. to DIN 18560-3. KORODUR WH-Special ist particularly impact resistant. Although classified in group A, wear resistance values of 3 cm³/50 cm² as per group M are achieved.

KORODUR WH-Special is mixed with cement and optionally with the additive KOROTAN.

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KORODUR WH-Special – hard aggregate acc. to DIN 1100 – A 0/5. KORODUR WH-Special – hard aggregate based on synthetic raw materials. High quality hard aggregates classified in coating group A, specially suitable for surfaces which are subject to the most severe stress, which require high wear and tensile strength, which are particularly resistant to impact. Although classified in coating group A, KORODUR WH-Special achieves wear resistance values of 3,0 cm³/50 cm² as specified in coating group M.

For use in hard aggregate concrete screeds acc. to DIN 18560-7. Extremely resistant to bumping and ramming stress. Suitable for the use in areas with heavy iron wheel traffic and impact and abrasion damage from sharp-edged machinery etc. Suitable for use on stair treads which are subject to heaviest impact and abrasion. Able to withstand the sliding and rolling of work parts, etc. plant traffic of all kind, fork-lift traffic, crawler tractor traffic. Especially qualified for loading ramps and surfaces subjects to the heaviest traffic.

Technical data
Grain size0 – 5 mm
Compressive strength70 N/mm²
Tensile strength10 N/mm²
Wear resistance≤ 3 cm³/50 cm²

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