Fast repair at Fast Food Restaurant
Fast repair at Fast Food Restaurant


Rapid Set
Burger King
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Project Description

Fans of grilled burgers are currently only allowed to use the drive-in and pick-up service at Burger King. Consequently, the drive-in lane is exposed to strongly increased stress, in particular in front of the pick-up counter where the vehicles cause heavy tire stress when turning the steering wheel. At the Burger King in Münster-Hiltrup, this area needed repair. The embedded steel plates could no longer cope with the stress. To keep the downtime as short as possible, a fast solution was to be found, also under the criteria that the used material has to be fast setting, highly wear resistant and, of course, durably lasting. Rapid Set DOT Europe CONCRETE MIX repair concrete offers these features.

The repair works began at 7 a.m. with the removal of the damaged metal plates and asphalt underneath, then the sub-base was cleaned. Note: With cementitious sub-bases, no bonding compound is required for the re-profiling with Rapid Set repair mortar, pre-wetting is sufficient. As at this place it was question of asphalt covering, the sub-base was treated with KORODUR PC as a precaution. Then Rapid Set DOT Europe CONCRETE MIX was applied in one layer about 70 – 80 mm thick, smoothed and wetted repeatedly with water until saturation. By 9.30 a.m. the surfaces could be re-opened for the drive-through traffic.
The local franchisee and manager of several other Burger King locations is absolutely convinced about Rapid Set!

DOT Europe CONCRETE MIX is a high-performance, low shrinkage, fast-setting repair concrete acc. to DIN EN 1504-3. The material can be processed in layer thicknesses from 50 – 600 mm and is ready for stress already after 1 hour.