Feeding table in dairy farm, Beeskow
Feeding table in dairy farm, Beeskow


Rapid Set
Feeding table in dairy farm, Beeskow
Beeskow, Brandenburg
Construction year
Mel-Fö Anlagenbau & Service, Friedland

Project Description

Since 2017, the former VEB dairy farm Beeskow has been integrated in the family-run company Zumbrink Landwirtschaft, Sassenberg. In 2017 the farm counted around 800 cows and a biogas plant, today the herd has grown to around 3000 cows. The management attaches great importance to animal welfare and environmentally friendly production, moreover also on renewable energies and sustainability.

So it is not surprising that the feeding tables in the cow stalls were renovated with a sustainable, environmentally friendly building material: with the multipurpose Rapid Set repair mortars MORTAR MIX and CEMENT ALL from the KORODUR range. The Rapid Set products are based on an innovative and high-performance Rapid Set Cement, BCSA cement, the production of which emits more than 30% less CO2 than conventional Portland cement.

The Rapid Set System also has a positive influence on an animal-friendly and considerate milk production. The milk yield of a cow strongly depends on the conditions of feeding/eating. For optimal feed intake, cows need a smooth, clean, and odorless surface. For the feeding table in the Beeskow farm, the Rapid Set products MORTAR MIX and CONCRETE MIX were applied on an area of approx. 70 m² in a layer thickness of 300 mm.

These fast-setting repair mortars feature the benefits of extremely high strength, immediate usability, high durability. They are non-shrinking, sulfate-resistant, and CO2-reduced.