Road repair – test area, Vienna
Road repair – test area, Vienna


Rapid concrete systems
Road repair – test area, Vienna
Construction year

Project Description

The Challenge:

Repair works within an intersection – the high traffic stress caused cracks and flaking in the concrete surface.
The challenge on site:
– Static stress in the corner area
– Shear forces
– Frost-/deicer resistance
– Easy processing
– Fast reopening to traffic
– Long-lasting solution with durable product

The Solution:

The construction company Mörtinger & Co GmbH, Vienna, opted for a partial surface repair of the concrete pavement with the product DOT Europe CONCRETE MIX: a high-performance, polymer-modified, fast-setting and fiber-reinforced fast concrete for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Process:

The damaged surface area was chiseled out to a depth of 80 mm, the lose debris removed, the area including its flanks pre-wet and the material casted in a pasty consistency. Then the surface was ground and broom finished.

The Result:

After 1 hour the area could be released to traffic.
After 6 months the repaired area does not show any wear of the broom finish, nor cracks or other defects – and this under permanent highest stress.

Area after 6 months under daily heavy stress: