Weag disposal and recycling plant, Köngen
Weag disposal and recycling plant, Köngen


Industrial floor
Weag disposal and recycling plant, Köngen
Construction year

NEODUR HE 60 rapid metallic and KORODUR HB 5/60 rapid

200 m2
WEAG GmbH & Co. KG

Project Description

WEAG is a certified disposal and recycling company. For over 25 years they have added an important contribution to the reprocessing of waste for the extraction of secondary raw materials. In a waste disposal plant, the floor is one of the most stressed building components: it has to withstand most extreme mechanical stress! After more than 20 years of being in use, the concrete floor needed renewal on an area of approx. 200 m². In view of maximum resistance to severe loads, long-lasting functionality and a very tight time span between repair and re-use, the decision fell on a heavy-duty KORODUR industrial floor – NEODUR HE 60 rapid metallic, a fast-setting screed with metallic aggregates (according to DIN 18560-7 with coating group M according to DIN 1100).

The affected floor area was milled, shot-peened, cleaned and pre-wet. The following day, the system bonding compound KORODUR HB 5/60 rapid was applied on the mat-damp concrete subbase. Then the ready-mixed fast-setting screed NEODUR HE 60 rapid metallic was installed in an average thickness of 25 mm, followed by grinding and smoothing.
The NEODUR HE 60 rapid system is a fast-setting, dimensionally stable and heavy duty industrial flooring system, which was specially designed for fast and cost-saving repairs with particularly long service life. Within 3 hours after the installation, the floor was ready for walking stress and within 24 hours the floor was fully operational.

The use of NEODUR HE 60 rapid increases the energy and resource efficiency, combined with an extended service life. KORODUR industrial floors stand out by exceptional sustainability.