TRUazzo floor fashion boutique, Vienna
TRUazzo floor fashion boutique, Vienna


Decorative screed
TRUazzo floor fashion boutique
Construction year

TRU Self-Leveling

New building
50 m2
Nicole Doleh, owner Concept Stores Inked
Concrete System Ostrzeszów

Project Description

With the Isabel Marant label, the “effortless chic of Parisian women” has found a new home in Vienna. While online retail is growing steadily, in-store retail is trying to highlight more the shopping experience with “monobrand stores”: “As a customer, I can enjoy this one fashion world to the fullest without getting distracted by any other product line,” commented shop owner Nicole Doleh.

The newly laid TRUazzo decorative screed also contributes to the feeling of well-being: TRU Self-Leveling is a high-quality, self-leveling, polished decorative screed for layer thicknesses of 5 – 35 mm. Ideal for the design of sales rooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, office buildings, schools, airports and all other representative rooms.

The colour concept for walls and floors in the monobrand store of the Isabel Marant in Vienna was specified. The specialist installer opted for the use of TRU Self-Leveling, as the TRU material can be individually and creatively designed in different colour variations and by broadcasting decorative grains (e. g. glass, marble or chips). For the flagship store, a grey colour variant with additional chip broadcasting was chosen.

Another aspect in favour of using TRU was the tight time frame for the installation. Only 24 hours after placement, the 8 mm thick design floor could be polished, cleaned and maintenance treated. The reopening could take place in time at the beginning of May 2021. Since then, many women have been walking across the attractive, unique TRUazzo floor to shop for new fashion by Isabel Marant – the label has gained cult character and radiates French flair!