Suntago Village, Park of Poland
Suntago Village, Park of Poland


Decorative screed
Suntago Village – Park of Poland
Świnice, Poland
Construction year

TRU® PC grey

New building
200 m2
Global City Holdings B.V., Warszawa
Concrete System, Ostrzeszów

Project Description

Suntago Village is a wonderful hotel complex right next to the largest indoor water park in Europe – Suntago, Park of Poland. Here you can spend a holiday in the middle of Poland in a pleasant tropical climate of +32° C, amid a world of palms with over 740 real palm trees from all over the world. Suntago is a great alternative to a seaside holiday.

At Suntago Village, guests can chose from 92 fully equipped, ultra-modern modular houses offering play areas for children, barbecue areas and reception desk with snacks. While you dine in the restaurant area, it’s worth taking a look at the floor. The central part of the spacious foyer is lined with ornate ceramic tiles. All around, a high-grade decorative floor from KORODUR will catch your eye – TRUazzo. The product TRU PC in grey colour was installed and polished in slight terrazzo finish. TRU is based on the innovative Rapid Set cement technology from the USA, which generates 30% less CO2 emissions than conventional systems. TRUazzo creates an allover unique ambience.

If you want to relax – it’s in Europe’s largest indoor water park Suntago, Park of Poland.
If you want to stay overnight and dine – then in Suntago Village with its stylish TRUazzo floor.