DUROP-Coating - underground car park, Freiburg
DUROP-Coating – underground car park, Freiburg


Industrial floor
Parking souterrain Karlsbau
Freiburg im Breisgau
Construction year

DUROP grain size 1-2 mm

environ 5.000 m² m2
R.S.I. Revêtements de sols industriels
Betriebsgesellschaft Karlsbau Freiburg mbH

Project Description

The Karlsbau in Freiburg is an extensive building complex housing a hotel, a restaurant and a variety of retail stores. Special highlight of the complex is the underground car park which was awarded by the ADAC as “very customer friendly”. On 3 levels, this popular car park at the Freiburger Münster offers 670 parking spaces – all around the clock.

The continuous mechanical stress and attack by aggressive media such as oil, chlorides, etc. over the time had strongly damaged the mastic asphalt and reinforced concrete structure. The floors needed renovation. As renovation measure the decision fell on the system Triflex Propark, a trafficable sealing system in combination with DUROP filling and gritting material. Company R.S.I. carried out the renovation works. After the sub-base preparation, various Triflex system components were used for priming, touch up, underlayment and sealing works. Following the application of the sealing layer, the DUROP coating was done with Trikflex DeckFloor and DUROP grain size 1-2 mm.

The selected combination Triflex ProPark and DUROP allowed rapid execution and grants durable protection due to the improved wear resistance of the driving lanes. As part of this renovation measure at the same time a bright, welcoming environment was created for the users of the car park.

The proven, excellent, antiskid and polish-resistant properties of DUROP offer versatile possibilities of use, e.g. in industrial, road and bridge construction.