Manhole regulation in Nittenau, Bavarian Forest
Manhole regulation in Nittenau, Bavarian Forest


Rapid Set
Manhole regulation in Nittenau, Bavarian Forest
Construction year
New building
Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH

Project Description

The Raedlinger construction company is a traditional, owner-managed business that for over 55 years has been active in many fields of construction, including traffic routes and asphalt construction. For a road repair project in Nittenau/Opf., existing manholes had to be adjusted to the new asphalt level. For the first time, company Raedlinger used MORTAR MIX for such manhole adjustments.

First, 28 existing manhole covers were fixed in height of the new road level by fully covering the manhole cones with the fast-setting, dimensionally stable MORTAR MIX repair mortar. Then the manhole frames were placed in the correct height. Directly afterwards, the shaft head could be backfilled with asphalt. The next day, the final asphalt overlay course in a thickness of approx. 10 mm was applied.

The heavy-duty MORTAR MIX repair mortar was mixed on site in a conventional mixer and applied by hand with trowel. Then the manhole frame with the cover was installed and just one hour later, see picture above right, a heavy-load truck could pass the manhole cover without any problems.