Borbet Production flor light alloy wheels
Borbet Production flor light alloy wheels


Industrial floor
Borbet Production flor light alloy wheels
Construction year
New building
approx. 25.000 m2
BORBET Sachsen GmbH, Hallenburg

Project Description

With the groundbreaking ceremony on 13 May, 2015 construction works for a new plant for light alloy wheels production at BROBET in Kodersdorf started. Where around 100.000 cubic meters of soil had been excavated, a production hall with enormous dimensions arose. Around 2.250 cubic meters of concrete have been poured for foundations.

For the industrial floor, the most stressed part of the building, BORBET decided for the world-wide proven quality of KORODUR. From October to December 2015, more than 20.000 m² of flooring areas were installed with KORODUR hard aggregate material NEODUR HE 3.

On another area of 5.000 m² the floor hardener NEODUR HE 65 was installed in a layer thickness of 10 mm, in silo supply. The KORODUR silo system allows most economical flooring installation due to the effective work flow with adequate mixing and pump technique. Daily performances of up to 2.000 m², conveying distances of 80 m, savings on labor time, easy logistic handling – only a few of the advantages of the KORODUR silo system.
Within 4 days only, an area of 5.000 m² KORODUR hard aggregate floor could be installed. Hence a punctual production start in spring 2016 should be ensured.