KOROTAN is used as auxiliary agent for the processing of KORODUR hard aggregate screeds in one layer, on fresh or set base concrete, as well as for all two-layer systems as additive for all types of screeds (see data sheet KORODUR-KOROTAN industrial floor).

KOROTAN is a liquid special additive with plasticizing and stabilizing effect for KORODUR-KOROTAN industrial floors.

KOROTAN is used as processing aid:

  • for one-layer KORODUR hard aggregate screeds on fresh or set base concrete
  • for all two-layer systems
  • as additive for any type of screed

See also Industrial floor repair and data sheet KORODUR-KOROTAN industrial floor.

Technical data
Formgreen liquid
Density (20°C)1,13 g/cm³
pH-valueapprox. 9

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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