Under Armour Store, USA
Under Armour Store, USA


Decorative screed
Under Armour Store
Wisconsin, USA
United States
Construction year

Rapid Set TRU® PC

New building
Under Armour, Inc.

Project Description

Under Armour offers technologically advanced sports gear in first-class processing, featuring a unique moisture transport system based on scientific innovation studies. Ideal match thereto, the unique and innovative TRU PC flooring system installed in the new Under Armour store in Wisconsin.

Rapid Set TRU PC is a high-quality, innovative, self-leveling design floor based on special cement technology in polished concrete appearance, for individual and creative design of sales rooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, office buildings, schools, airports and all other representative areas.

TRU PC provides fast setting (ready for foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours) low shrinkage, durability, includes decorative aggregates 0 – 2,5 mm, installation thickness 10 – 35 mm.

TRU PC is applied on the prepared, dust-free and load-bearing sub-base, primed with the epoxy resin primer KORODUR TXPK and spread with fire-dried quartz sand, followed by grinding/polishing up to a degree of 800. A first maintenance treatment provides increased protection against penetration of liquids and other contamination.
The TRU PC flooring system has already been successfully installed in 18 Under Armour stores, and ten others are yet to follow.