Repair in production facilities, Versmold
Repair in production facilities, Versmold


Rapid Set
Repair in production facilities, Versmold
Construction year

Rapid Set CONCRETE MIX, with CONCRETE PHARMACY® FLOW Control® and SET Control®

New building
H. Bau-Team GmbH Baugesellschaft, Versmold

Project Description

Waves from the basis of the transport-safe packaging materials produced by the corrugated cardboard specialist, company Gross, Versmold. For the drive ways within the production premises, however, waves are absolutely undesirable. This refers specifically to the passage way from the outdoor asphalt area into the production hall. This area has sunk and broken under the high stress of industrial vehicles.

For the repair, our Rapid Set repair mortars, in this case CONCRETE MIX offered – this with respect to the required layer thickness of up to 200 mm and the aspect to release the area back to traffic as quickly as possible. This unique, high-performance CONCRETE MIX mortar allows layer thickness of up to 600 mm.

For pouring CONCRETE MIX, firstly the damaged asphalt and concrete surfaces were completely taken out down to the gravel layer. The CONCRETE MIX mortar was mixed in a dual-shaft stirrer. Given the prevailing high temperature of up to + 30 °C, the retarder (SET Control) and the plasticizer (FLOW Control) were added to the mix. Within two hours, the repair works were completed. In another hour traffic rolled again. In other words, the corrugated cardboard is gently moved on wave-free terrain.