Headquarters of Heidelberg Cement AG
Headquarters of Heidelberg Cement AG


Decorative screed
Headquarters of Heidelberg Cement AG
Heidelberg, Deutschland
Construction year

GRANIDUR BIANCO decorative screed, KORODUR HB 5 white bonding compound, KORODUR FSCem fast-setting screed binder

New building
2500 m2
Günter Schlag GmbH, Mehring

Project Description

With its curving facade, the new headquarters of HeidelbergCement reveals the potential lightness and filigree of concrete as a material. Also inside, the high quality demand on decorative screed characterizes the atmosphere. In the representative entrance foyer with dimensions of 19.80 m x 20.50 m at a height of 11.00 m, the lamps spread out like branches of a tree crown over the white decorative screed ceiling, which is supported by three white tree supports. This very gracile, unique construction demonstrates what concrete actually can do. As a further highlight, the white GRANIDUR BIANCO terrazzo floor lets the foyer shine. The white decorative screed GRANIDUR BIANCO fits perfectly into the concept of an architecture that is intended to exemplarily demonstrate the technical and design possibilities of concrete as a building material.

First, a fast-setting screed was laid as heated screed using the KORODUR FSCem screed binder. FSCem is a dimensionally stable fast-setting screed binder on ternary basis for the production of heavy-duty screeds, which are quickly usable and early ready for covering. The fast-setting screed was applied with a BREMAT mixing and pump truck. Then the factory-produced white dry mortar GRANIDUR BIANCO was applied as bonded screed with KORODUR bonding compound HB 5 white, in an average layer thickness of 15 mm. Finally, polishing of the decorative screed was carried out in several steps until the desired individual terrazzo look was achieved.

We have been relying on raw materials from Heidelberger Cement AG for decades. A good reason for the building owner to trust in the qualities of long-standing customers.

Thanks to an innovative energy concept, the building achieves the highest certification category of the DGNB.