Power plant, Bergamo
Power plant, Bergamo


Industrial floor
Power plant, Bergamo
Construction year

NEODUR HE 65 anthracite in GRANIDUR optics

approx. 500 m2
Società Transformazione Energie Rinnovabili S.P.A., Bergamo
SIPRA SPA, Borgosatollo

Project Description

Back to the past. That comes to mind when you enter the power plant in Bergamo, Northern Italy. In the historic power plant the machines are running at full speed supplying the surrounding communities with sufficient energy. In spring 2011 the floor in the power station was up for repair, whereby the historic character should be preserved. Therefore the owner decided to repair the industrial floor according to the then standards, i.e. with so-called hard aggregate tiles.

In the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies in Italy it was the technical state of the art to use tiles as industrial flooring solution. The tile thickness was 25 mm, 10 mm of which being a KORODUR hard aggregate covering layer. Usually the tiles were polished and had a size of 25 x 25 cm or 30 x 30 cm. KORODUR tiles are placed in facilities of traditional Italian companies, among others Olivetti, Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

In Bergamo, on an area of approx. 500 m², tiles in the size of 30 x 30 cm were placed. Tile thickness of 38 cm with a 12 mm thick KORODUR hard aggregate layer in color tone anthracite (NEODUR HE 65 anthracite). The tiles were polished in GRANIDUR optics. A specialized company from Nuremberg produced the tiles and an Italian expert company carried out the placing. With these almost historic KORODUR tiles not only the uniqueness of this power plant could be preserved but also a high wear resistance could be ensured. The owner is highly satisfied and plans to repair further areas with the traditional KORODUR tiles during the coming years.