Mårtensbro skola, Espoo
Mårtensbro skola, Espoo


Decorative screed
Martensbro Skola (elementary school)
Construction year

NEODUR HE 65 light-grey, smoothed in KCF-optics

New building
1200 m2
City of Espoo
Neliskulma Oy, Finnland

Project Description

Particularly the floor in a school must withstand the stress of thousands of foot kicks. At the same time it has to be aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain. A KORODUR hard aggregate industrial floor easily copes with such requirements.

The building owner and planner trust in German standards and opted for the installation of a KORODUR hard aggregate layer acc. to DIN 18560-7, coating group A, acc. to DIN 1100. Used product: NEODUR 65 in a light-grey color. An area of approx. 600 m² was laid in “fresh-on-fresh” installation method with a KORODUR layer in a thickness of in middle of 10 mm. Another area of around 600 m² m was installed in composite on an existing concrete base in the topping method, i. e. application of the KORODUR bonding HB 5 and thereon a KORODUR hard aggregate topping in a thickness of in middle 15 mm. Material consumption: approx. 30 tons NEODUR 65 dry mortar.

The decision for a light-grey color was taken in view of achieving an optimum light reflection, especially during the long, dark winter months, and in context of not only to save energy costs, but also to create a friendly and motivating atmosphere for the students.

Mineral KORODUR hard aggregate industrial floors are durable, of timeless beauty and superior quality.
KORODUR floors provide ecologically sustainable and economically attractive solutions.