Drinking water reservoir, Haidberg
Drinking water reservoir, Haidberg


Drinking water reservoir, Haidberg
Construction year
EWAG Nürnberg
Rödl GmbH, Nürnberg

Project Description

Drinking water is our most important food. The availability of hygienically impeccable drinking water is inevitable. This refers also to the storage of the drinking water in reservoirs.

After being in use for almost 50 years, the largest drinking water reservoir in North Bavaria, the elevated reservoir Haidberg, with a storage volume of 75.000 m³, required repair. Steel corrosion in different stages as well as hydrolysis affected the cementitious protection coat in the water chambers. Based on a detailed damage assessment a repair concept was made out under the aspect to ensure the operator of a long lasting time of use. For good reasons and observation of the relevant rules, the repair was carried out as thick-layer mineral lining – the MICROTOP complete system of KORODUR.

For the „cathedral“ of elevated drinking water reservoirs, the reservoir of Haidberg, the following MICROTOP products were processed: MICROTOP TW 3 and TW 5 for leveling and final coating of the walls and columns. MICROTOP TW 8 for re-profiling of ceilings, rough finish to allow condensate to drip off faster. MICROTOP TW BM for the coating of the inlet channels, which are exposed to highest stress. MICROTOP TW 02 as bonding compound, MICROTOP TW 8 for the flooring areas. Finally, MICROTOP TW Mineral applied for additional surface stabilization. The ambitious goal of the ordering party, to take the reservoir back to operation after a repair time of only one year, could be realized due to the use of silo material and sophisticated application technique.