For the production of shotcrete mortar/concrete for dry-mix shotcrete method, for re-profiling and coating of surfaces, for increasing of concrete covers and for the finish in the drinking water section. The materials are processed in one layer and are easy to grind and smooth. Smaller areas can be processed manually.

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MICROTOP TW 3 is a pure mineral, hydraulic binding, microsilica-modified cementitious shotcrete mortar for re-profiling and coating of surfaces in drinking water reservoirs.

MICROTOP TW 3 is applied in dry-mix shotcreting method (pneumatic conveying method). It is used for increasing the thickness of the concrete cover and the finish in the drinking water domain. MICROTOP TW 3 is easy to grind and smooth, smaller jobs can be done manually.

MICROTOP TW 3 complies with DVGW work sheets W 270, W 300 and W 347.

Technical data
Grain size0 – 3 mm
Compressive strength≥ 45 N/mm²
Density2,24 kg/dm³
Coloursnature, white, blue

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