Barrier-free pavement, Crailsheim
Barrier-free pavement, Crailsheim


Rapid Set
Barrier-free pavement
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Project Description

The design of city centers often no longer meets the requirements of their residents and visitors. Barrier-free mobility on public traffic ways is becoming increasingly important. Uneven paving causes major problems for users of wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. In the city of Crailsheim uneven paving areas in the Schlossstrasse and an adjacent pedestrian crossing needed to be converted into barrier-free pavement.

The leveling works were carried out with the KORODUR paving joint system using the multipurpose repair mortar Rapid Set MORTAR MIX: fast, easy and CO2 reduced!

The existing pavement was newly grouted with the fast-setting, dimensionally stable, high-strength special mortar, MORTAR Mix. A few hours later the surface could be milled using specially designed milling equipment. The bond between MORTAR MIX and the paving stone flanks is so strong that stones don’t break out or loosen when milling.

The convincing result, a 70 to partly 90 cm wide barrier-free paving zone along a building and on a cross way. Another plus for this innovative and sustainable system, the involved areas had not to be closed for long. This even paving represents a great sample for further leveling measures to create safe accessibility and mobility, not only for wheelchair users.