Bakery & Pastry Shop Schmidtmeier, Bochum
Bakery & Pastry Shop Schmidtmeier, Bochum


Decorative screed
Bakery & Pastry Shop Schmidtmeier
Construction year
New building

Project Description

The bakery & pastry shop Schmidtmeier, Bochum planned an upgrade of their branch in the pedestrian zone with a design floor that attracts with extraordinary colour effects and stands for high technical quality. The decision fell on a high-quality floor from KORODUR – the innovative, decorative screed TRU PC in terrazzo optics – TRUazzo.
Requested was a polished surface without joints which is both decorative and wear resistant. Another important criteria was an easy cleaning given the high number of customers with the typical dirt input and also the presence of flour, sugar and fats.

In a first step, a load-bearing and level sub-base was produced. Used product, KORODUR FSCem, a fast-setting screed binder on ternary basis, which is dimensionally stable and early ready for covering. Thereon applied was the self-leveling decorative screed TRU PC in an average layer thickness of 10 mm. The next day already, the surface could be polished in slight terrazzo optics. As finish, a special impregnation was applied to prevent the penetration of watery liquids, fats, oils and other dirt.

The high quality and the unique, elegant charm the floor radiates, fully convinced the client. “This decorative floor definitely exceeds our expectations – a true premium product that adequately reflects our brand equity.”