Airbus A 380 Hamburg-Finkenwerder
Airbus A 380 Hamburg-Finkenwerder


Industrial floor
Airbus A 380 Hanger Halle 211/212
Construction year
New building
20.000 m2
Airbus Deutschland GmbH

Project Description

As the largest civil aircraft in the world, the Airbus A 380 needs a garage in giant scale.
A hall with two identical spaces with an area of 20.000 m². The Airbus Deutschland GmbH needed halls to perform the final maintenance works at the A 380 before the handing over to the client.

As before, for Airbus in Toulouse, France, also for the 38 m high Airbus hall in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, a KORODUR industrial floor
was selected. The dimensions of the project, the time frame of 2 ½ months, the island location of the job-site, were a special challenge for the logistics.

All materials could be supplied only by water transportation with pontoon tug. At the same time, for noise abatement reasons defined operating times had to be observed.

To master this mammoth project, the decision was taken to use the powerful and effective KORODUR silo system in combination with the KORODUR hard aggregate screed NEODUR HE 65. To ensure a timely supply of the hard aggregate screed and to meet the daily installation performance of more than 2.000 m², two KORODUR silo units (with integrated pump technique) were in parallel operation. Totally around 500 t NEODUR HE 65 silo material were processed.

Precondition for the success and the smooth running was the close coordination between the responsible local logistics company, the professional flooring installer and KORODUR.