Winery "Weingut am Nil", Kallstadt Pfalz
Winery “Weingut am Nil”, Kallstadt Pfalz


Decorative screed
Winery "Weingut am Nil"
Kallstadt Pfalz
Construction year

KCF 05 anthracite

600 m2
Deutsche Vermögensverwaltung, Marburg
Bau- u. Industriebodentechnik Joachim Maraun, Heltersberg

Project Description

The Weingut am Nil (winery on the Nile) founded in 1841 has nothing to do with Egypt. The name “Nil” refers to a small vineyard called Nil, which forms part of the wine growing area “Kallstadter Saumagen”. Since 2010 the winery is under new management which set great dedication to a new and modern orientation. Renowned wine tasters, like Gault & Millau, have already highly praised the wines and raised high expectations.

From the earlier packing hall a restaurant of subtle luxury and puristic elegance emerged. Every detail is unique. Unique is also the KORODUR design floor in anthracite color, in smoothed KCF optics, installed in the wine cellar in May 2015. The conditions of this job site in the midst of Kallstadt were not easy. A narrow staircase and a steep ladder lead to the cellars. In addition, the installation should be carried out dust-free. With a suitable pump technology this challenge could be mastered. The KCF material was pumped through a hose length of 80 m to the narrow winding access and the floor was installed in a layer thickness of 10 mm.

After final smoothing and curing, the KORODUR design floor was maintenance-treated with OBTEGO R-400, providing increased stain protection and gloss of the floor. The KCF floor matches the ambience – the winery as a whole combines the appealing atmosphere of traditional Palatine winemaking with modern facilities.