TÜV/DEKRA inspection sites, Berlin
TÜV/DEKRA inspection sites, Berlin


Rapid Set
TÜV/DEKRA inspection sites, Berlin
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Project Description

In 2014 the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure issued a directive regarding headlight adjustment of vehicles during the main inspection. From 1 January 2018, at all inspection sites the existing systems for headlight adjustment are subject to verification/calibration. The allowed flatness tolerance of the sub-base for the adjustment device was defined with ± 1mm/1m at maximum. Consequently, in many inspection sites these sub-bases have to be renovated – in the shortest possible time.

The fast-setting Rapid Set repair mortars are designed for such challenges. E.g. the low shrinkage repair mortar MORTAR MIX was used to install the steel frames and the rail systems for the measuring devices in the defined tolerance. Install thickness ranging from 3 to 8 cm. Already 2 hours after installation, tiling was possible. Conventional repair mortars are ready for tiling only after a few weeks.

The repair of the adjustment areas for trucks, (length approx. 8 m, install thickness between 33 and 38 cm) was carried out with the fast repair concrete CONCRETE MIX. Already 3 hours after installation, the first trucks could drive up for headlight adjustment.

Hence, Rapid Set indirectly contributes to more traffic safety due to a correct headlight adjustment!