Repair works Airport, Zagreb
Repair works Airport, Zagreb


Rapid concrete systems
Repair works Airport, Zagreb
Franjo Tuđman Airport, Zagreb
Construction year
approx. 1.000 m2
STRABAG Großprojekte GmbH, München

Project Description

At Zagreb airport, an area of around 1.000 m² concrete slabs on the runways were repaired within 4 weeks thanks the use of Rapid Set fast-setting concrete and volumetric mixing trucks.
Repair measures in highly frequented large-scale infrastructures like airports require building materials that allow shortest possible downtimes. Durability and longevity are important aspects. For decades, the Rapid Set fast-setting concrete has successfully proven its qualification world-wide, especially in the USA.

Volumetric mixing trucks hold all concrete components separately. The Rapid Set cement is mixed on site with aggregates, water and additives to fresh concrete which is immediately installed. This procedure allows an optimal concrete formulation, fulfilling the demanded properties and coping with weather effects – a delay-free on site concrete production!

Despite the ongoing construction work, the runways at Zagreb airport had to be opened every morning for regular air traffic, the repair was done in night shifts between 11.00 pm and 6.00 am. The damaged concrete slabs were cut out and removed. Then these areas were cast with Rapid Set fast-setting concrete in the volumetric system.
Concreting, smoothing and broom finish took about 20 minutes, followed by after-treatment. Per night shift up to 3 concrete slabs (approx. 25 m³) could be repaired. In 2 hours, the finished concrete slabs had gained structural strength of > 20,0 MPa and could be released for air traffic at 6.00 am.
With the use of Rapid Set fast-setting concrete in volumetric processing, the damaged concrete slabs could be repaired within 4 weeks at only short blocking times of the flight operations.