WAGO, Minden

WAGO Pressing Shop, Minden


Year of construction:
Builder owner:

WAGO Pressing Shop
Minden-Päpinghausen, Germany
24.000 m²
Condulith Deutsche Industrieboden GmbH, Germany
WAGO, Germany

Project description

The WAGO Group is a pioneer in future-oriented technologies. They set the focus on growth and in 2015 have invested in a new pressing shop with an area of 24.000 m²: To ensure a long-lasting and efficient production flow, the type of industrial flooring and a joint-less installation were important criteria.

As for previous locations, WAGO again decided for a mineral heavy-duty KORODUR hard aggregate industrial floor and entrusted the European-wide active German flooring specialist Condulith GmbH with the installation. With state-of-the-art machine technology, Condulith casted the concrete base slab with double reinforcement and HSD joint profiles. Thereon a 10 mm thick KORODUR hard aggregate topping was applied "fresh on fresh".

To manage a daily performance of 800 to 1.400 m², Condulith decided to install the NEODUR HE 65 hard aggregate screed with the KORODUR silo technology, which offers considerable advantages, like savings of working time, improved logistical handling etc.

With the KORODUR silo system the flooring specialist Condulith could install the area of 24.000 m² within shortest time in best installation quality.