Restaurant HÄRG, Estonia

Restaurant HÄRG, Estonia


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Restaurant HÄRG
Tallinn, Estonia
NEODUR HE 65 green, NEODUR HE 65 basalt-grey, KORODUR HB 5
approx. 100 m²
Enn Tobreluts, Hanno Kuul and Andres Tuule, Estonia
Architekturbüro Ace of Space OÜ, Tallinn

Project description

Fantastic food, great music and a stylish, modern interior create a cozy atmosphere and a unique dining experience. This and alike descriptions can be read about the restaurant HÄRG in the Estonian Tallinn.

Matching the rustic-style ambience, a 15 mm thick KORODUR industrial floor was installed in the KOROTAN system with the bonding agent KORODUR HB 5. The customer explicitly wanted a characteristic industrial floor look with cracks and a rough surface. So deliberately cracks in the sub-base were not consolidated thus they could show in the topping layer as well.

Likewise unique is the coloring of the floor. The NEODUR HE 65 hard aggregate screed was supplied in the colors green and basalt-grey. On site both colors were mixed together. The atmosphere is welcoming and makes the guests feel comfortable.