Furniture Shop Höffner, Hamburg

Furniture Shop Höffner, Hamburg


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Furniture Shop Höffner
40.000 m²
Käser GmbH, Remshalden
Möbel Höffner

Project description

With a total of 20 sales outlets, Möbel Höffner ranges as number two among Germany’s furniture dealers. In 1874 Rudolf Höffner founded the company as a small cabinet maker’s shop in Berlin. Then in 1967 the furniture entrepreneur Kurt Krieger bought the Höffner trade name and re-established the company.

For the project in Hamburg, the client asked for a specifically mixed colour tone for the industrial floor - defined as "Krieger-grey". Not only the individual colour, but also the logistic handling of the material supply to this major building site were an exciting challenge for KORODUR.
Around 350 tons of the KORODUR floor hardener NEODUR HE 65 in "Krieger-grey" were supplied in big-bag packaging. The much bigger quantity of around 1.800 tons has been successfully handled with the well approved KORODUR silo system for large construction sites. To cope with the narrow time frame for the installation, at times 4 silo units were in operation at the same time.
The KORODUR silo system allows a daily performance of between 1.500 and 2.500 m² of industrial floors.
Product-referred additional costs are more than compensated by this optimal working procedure - cost savings for mixing stations and disposal of packaging material. Another important benefit is the homogeneous quality of the fresh mortar compared to individual mixing batches.
The furniture empire Krieger continues building on industrial floors of KORODUR in "Krieger-grey". In the meantime the KORODUR high-quality flooring materials were supplied to Höffner projects in Berlin, Dresden and Magdeburg.