BMW, Wallersdorf

BMW Logistics Center, Wallersdorf


Year of construction:
Builder owner:

BMW Logistics Center
Wallersdorf, Germany
NEODUR HE 3 special
235.000 m²
CBL Chemobau Industrieboden GmbH, Germany
Münchner DIBAG Industriebau AG

Project description

In Bavaria, in late 2015 the construction of a new logistics center had started – with an internal area of 235.000 m² probably one of the largest logistics centers worldwide!
The million worth project was realized by the general contractor GOLDBECK, Germany. The aftersales area has a size of more than 50 football fields together. From here BMW spare parts are shipped to worldwide destinations.

Especially the industrial floor is exposed to extreme stress. To ensure the reliable handling of logistics and distribution, the quality of the flooring materials and a perfect install performance were of decisive importance. Both builder owner and planner decided for the mineral heavy-duty KORODUR hard aggregate industrial floor acc. to DIN 1100. The installer CBL Chemobau Industrieboden, Germany provided in proven quality the impressive install performance of up to 4.000 m² per day.

On this construction site, most modern concreting equipment, the Laser Screed S22E, was used. The KORODUR hard aggregate material was supplied in big bags and uniformly applied by spreader. This sophisticated procedure allows a time-saving and economic application of large volumes.