Showroom Oldtimers, USA

Showroom Oldtimer, USA


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Showroom – Oldtimers
California, USA
TRU Self-Leveling
325 m²
Doctor Detail, USA

Project description

Since 1983 Doctor Detail specializes in the restoration of automobiles. The particular accent lies on the reconditioning of new and classic vintage cars. Equal importance was laid on the design of the floor in the new showroom, not only to meet the requirements of this special use but also to create a special optical atmosphere. The decision fell on the innovative design floor TRU Self-Leveling.

The sub-base was professionally prepared and primed. Around 18 hours later, the TRU Self-Leveling material was applied. Already after another 16 hours, the TRU floor could be polished. Shortly afterwards, the classic cars filled the new showroom with splendor.