Rapid Set TRU PC is a high quality, innovative, self-leveling, mineral, decorative screed, based on special cement technology, in polished concrete optics. Ideal where high early strength, durability and low shrinkage setting are required. TRU PC is designed to simulate the appearance of polished concrete. TRU PC maintains workability for up to 20 minutes and is ready to receive foot traffic after 2 -3 hours. Installation thickness 10 - 35 mm. TRU PC is a multipurpose product that allows individual and creative design in many color variants.

Use for polished, decorative screeds. For attractive, unique design of sales rooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, administrative buildings, schools, air ports as well as any prestigious interiors. Qualified for indoor and outdoor use, also in wet areas.

Technical Data
Compressive strength (ASTM C-109 Mod.)
after 4 hoursapprox. 19,0 N/mm²
after 1 dayapprox. 34,0 N/mm²
after 28 daysapprox. 48,0 N/mm²
Working timeapprox. 20 minutes
Flow timeapprox. 15 minutes
Layer thickness10 - 35 mm
Material consumption
per m² / per mm layer thickness
approx. 1,8 kg

Basically, the current technical data sheet refers.

Supplementary system components