Rapid Set TRU GRAY the decorative floor in gray color for indoors and outdoors.

Rapid Set TRU GRAY is a high-quality, innovative, self-leveling, mineral design floor, based on special cement technology; ideal there where high early strength, durability and low hrinkage setting are desired. TRU GRAY maintains workability for up to 20 minutes and is ready for foot traffic after 2 - 3 hours.

Rapid Set TRU GRAY can be polished to a high dense sheen already in 24 hours after placement. Final thickness from 4 - 35 mm. Additional individual effects can be created by sprinkling decorative aggregates (e.g. glass, marble).

Fields of application
For attractive, unique design of prestigious interiors, such as sales rooms, restaurants, foyers, museums, administrative buildings. Qualified for indoor and outdoor use.

Technical Data
Layer thickness4 - 35 mm
Working time20 Min.
Flow time15 Min.
Compressive strength (ASTM C-109 Mod.)
after 4 hoursapprox. 20,0 N/mm²
after 1 dayapprox. 34,0 N/mm²
after 28 daysapprox. 45,0 N/mm²
Bond strength (ASTM C-307)
after 7 daysapprox. 1,5 N/mm²
after 28 daysapprox. 2,5 N/mm²
Flexural strength (ASTM C-348)
after 24 hoursapprox. 6,0 N/mm²
after 28 daysapprox. 13,0 N/mm²

Basically, the current technical data sheet refers.

Supplementary system components