THILOS dünnflüssig

THILOS dünnflüssig

(A product of company MKS Funke GmbH, Bocholt.)

THILOS dünnflüssig is a mild-smelling solvent-based impregnation that is suitable for absorbing and less absorbing undergrounds, inside and outside. THILOS dünnflüssig is made for giving the surface a water-, colour-, and oil rejection with deep effect. The steam permeability remains completely or as far as possible! THILOS penetrates also fast into polished and strongly consolidated surfaces. The processing expenditure is noticeably reduced. The cleaning afterwards is reduced to a minimum.

THILOS dünnflüssig is designed for all types of concrete, KORODUR/NEODUR industrial screeds as well as polished KORODUR design floors (GRANIDUR, GRANIDUR BIANCO/NERO). The water- and oil-rejecting effect becomes the better, the more THILOS dünnflüssig can be aborbed by the underground.

Technical data
Disposaldisposal code 15 01 10
StorageVbF-Class A II
Flash point> 30°C
Average consumption0,10 liter/m²

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

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