KORODUR® - ranging from industrial floors to cat litters

Since its foundation in 1936, KORODUR has focused on the production of mineral hard aggregates for the installation of cementitious heavy-duty industrial floors. By the end of the 1990ies, KORODUR gained foothold also in the field of decorative screeds.

Another special segment of KORODUR is the development of special dry mortars for the repair of drinking water reservoirs. The special mortars of the product line MICROTOP meet the highest demands to quality in the drinking water domain.

A totally different product line in a totally different branch, KORODUR started in the 1990ies, viz. the production and distribution of bentonite cat litters.

All KORODUR products are produced from selected raw materials, thoroughly processed and subject to regular quality control. For decades already, KORODUR has been a synonym for durable quality, technical competency and reliable customer service.