OBTEGO StainProtection R 400

(A product of company OBTEGO AG, Altheim)

OBTEGO R-400 is a solvent-based special impregnator/sealer with Silane, which gives an excellent water-and oil repellent effect.

OBTEGO R-400 is applicable to all grinded and not grinded concrete bounded soils and industrial artificial stone/Terrazzo, screeds, etc. Fields are e.g. industrial floors in commercial establishments, market halls, shopping malls and supermarkets in the indoor and outdoor use. For highly absorbent surfaces or not be desired hue deepening, it´s recommended a pre-treatment with OBTEGO P-20.

Technical data
Walkable afterapprox. 6 hours
Productiveness grinded surfacesapprox. 20 - 50 m²/liter
Productiveness not grinded surfacesapprox. 10 - 20 m²/liter

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

Additional system components