NEODUR HE 65 SVS 1,5 extra

NEODUR® HE 65 SVS 1,5 extra

NEODUR HE 65 SVS 1,5 extra is a ready to use cementitious hard aggregate screed on the basis of KORODUR hard aggregates.

For the production of hard aggregate toppings for highest mechanical stress, on fresh or set concrete base. Also available in colours, see KORODUR colour chart.

For the production of heavy duty industrial floors, e.g. in production halls, workshops, high-shelf-stores and other industrial areas exposed to heaviest stress.

Technical data
Grain size0 - 5 mm
Compressive strength70 N/mm²
Tensile strength9 N/mm²
Wear resistance≤ 1,5 cm³/50 cm²

Basically the current technical data sheet refers.

Additional system components